Saturday, May 21, 2011

When did THAT sneak up on me?!

I was considering some things while in the shower this morning (which I think is always a little dangerous) and I realized that this month marks my 10 year college reunion. Yes, you read that right. College. Not high school. College. When did that happen? I know the obvious answer to that question, but still, when did it happen? There is no way I feel like that could be accurate. But alas, it is. Which also means that next year will be my 15 year high school reunion. Sigh.

When I shared this news with my roommate, she said, "for some of us." We are the same age, really she's a month older (not that I'm counting :)!) but she graduated a year later than me from high school and college. It's all very confusing, but true, nonetheless.

So there you have it. Should I have a party to celebrate being done with college for 10 years? Maybe I can just watch You've Got Mail 10 times in a row (there was a time that my roommate and I watched it almost every week). Or eat lots of Belgian waffles (a staple dinner in the cafeteria while in college). Or post-it note someone's room/house (one of my favorite pranks that we pulled on some friends in our dorm). Or study something (I'm pretty sure I did some of that in college).

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Ann said...

I hear ya! My 20 year high school reunion is next fall. I bet the invite shows up the same day as my AARP card. :P