Monday, May 23, 2011

Not to mention

Side note: this is a continuation of the previous post in case you haven't read it.

Not to mention...
...I had to kill two spiders that were super hyper and moving really fast and were both two steps from crossing over onto my desk! One of which while I was eating my lunch. At my desk. Yuck! And all while one of my office mates was freaking out because spiders are the one thing she can't stand. Childhood trauma from a spider. Maybe she should find a good therapist! :) And the first spider I saw while on the phone with a client's mom so I couldn't exactly jump up and kill it. I just had to watch it move really fast all over the other desk and make sure it didn't cross over onto mine!

...I've had a pretty interesting continuation of the dizzy/carsick feeling while driving this afternoon. Which both times has resulted in a minor headache.

...the above mentioned dizzy/carsick feeling makes me not want to do any exercising today. And I was so motivated all day, too.

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