Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scripture Sunday/ word picture

I haven't done a Scripture Saturday in a while, and technically I am not sharing a Scripture, but a quote from a book I am reading.

I have been reading "A Praying Life" for quite a while now, and I had some time this afternoon to try and finish it. Honestly, I sat down because I wanted to be done with the book. I have enjoyed it, but there just comes a time when I am reading a book that is taking me a while, that I say, "Enough. I just want to be done!" So, I probably didn't sit down with the right attitude, but as usual, God still speaks.

I am not a gardener, so I'm not sure why this particular quote struck me. But it painted a word picture that I could really grasp onto.

"We don't need a praying life because this is our duty. That would wear thin quickly. We need time to be with our Father every day because every day our hearts and the hearts of those around us are overgrown with weeds." (p. 261) I don't know. The words just painted a picture of me praying and God plucking the things out of my life that are trying to choke me, leaving room for growth.

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