Friday, May 6, 2011

A Fun Work-free Morning

And afternoon too, but that's another story!

I had the opportunity to go with Kari to a sneak peek of WICKED this morning! It is coming to Peoria in October which is very exciting. The girl that played Elphaba in Chicago sang "The Wizard and I" and one of the Glinda's from New York did a duet of "For Good". The producer talked about the show and its popularity. It was very fun and an experience that I've never had before. Now, we just have to wait until October to actually see the show again. Yes, it will be my third time, but I think very worth it. And I don't have to travel this time. Well, the 10 minutes to downtown.

Now, I'm procrastinating packing so that I can head to Chicago for the weekend to see Mom for Mother's Day. It's a great day to travel. 68 degrees and sunny. Maybe I'll play the Wicked soundtrack on the way :)


The Cooleys said...

You need to let me know the next time you are coming to Chicago so I can see you!

Danell said...

Somehow I have never seen Wicked, but it sound so fun:)