Saturday, October 15, 2011

You probably have better things to do than to read this

I am about to wow you with the mundane! I got my haircut yesterday and Brooke (my hairdresser and friend) and I were talking about all the things people put on Facebook that no one really cares about, but we feel the need to share. I am just as guilty as the next person, especially when I am bored or have nothing pressing to do. So, instead of putting all my boring goings-on on Facebook, I will put them on my blog. And than I can put more than one! :) So, here goes! You can stop reading now if you really want to. I promise, it won't offend me.

1. I have been craving Wing Stop for about a week now. I have a coupon but I kept forgetting to put it in my purse, so all the times I was going to get it, I decided I could not justify going home to get the coupon and than going back out to get the wings. And I couldn't justify paying for the fries knowing I had a coupon for free fries. So, I went out the door prepared to fulfill my craving. It was everything I had hoped for!
2. I am having two Dr. Peppers today. I know I will regret it, but the first one went down way too fast!
3. I feel the need to do lots of unproductive things today and I feel no need to do the productive things that I have to get done (like paperwork and cleaning my bathroom and at least making a packing list).
4. I am going on vacation in 2.2 days. I don't really know if the .2 is accurate, but it was more fun to write than just 2 days. I only have one more work appointment on Monday before said vacation! Yipee Skippee!
5. I have a strong urge to do a puzzle, but I know if I start one, I will not get anything else done today. Responsibility is STUPID! :)
6. Blogger spell check does not recognize Facebook as a valid word. Man are they behind the times!

Okay, boringness is officially over. For those of you who hung in there, you must like to procrastinate as much as I do! Or you love me a lot and think I am the greatest writer ever, even when it is about boring stuff! Either way, I appreciate you! :)


Mom said...

And I appreciate you! Have a fun filled vacation!

Ann said...

Enjoy your vacation! :)