Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm not weird

I have a client who is 14. I actually really enjoy meeting with her. Usually the teenage girls are not my favorite clients. I have this incessant need to feel "cool" with them. Like I am in high school with them and have to prove myself or something. I act differently around them and actually sometimes consider what I am wearing the day that I see them. Crazy, I know. I wasn't even "cool" in high school, so I don't know why I strive to be cool now! Anyway, I've had some funny conversations with this particular client over the last few months.

About a month ago, out of the blue, she told me that in a session one day she should do my makeup. I immediately got all depressed inside because my first thought was, "She thinks I'm ugly!!!" However, I remained the cool as a cucumber counselor on the outside. I did ask her why she thought we should do that. She said that she likes to do people's makeup and it's what she wants to do after she graduates, so it would be fun.

Then today, we were talking about one of her aunts who does not have children. Here is how the conversation went:
Client: Why don't you have any kids? (She's asked me this before, but I think she has trouble wrapping her mind around it)
Me: Because I'm not married.
Client: But you don't even have a boyfriend! Why don't you have a boyfriend?
Me: Because no one has asked me out.
Client: But I don't get it. It's not like you're weird or unfriendly. (I'm paraphrasing because I can't really remember exactly the words she said, but that was the gist.)
Me: Well, maybe you should tell the guys I know that! :)

And then we went on to talk about some things that were more therapeutic for her!

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Ann said...

I guess teens really speak their minds. And I thought toddlers were bad! :) You are an incredible woman who will make some very lucky man very happy one day. :)