Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just ate myself out of house and home

I was driving between clients' houses today around 5 (Tuesday is one of my late nights) and was excited that I was still not hungry. Sometimes my late nights are a struggle because I like to eat dinner early. So, I was still feeling good at 6 when I was driving home. Yay for not getting super hungry. But literally five minutes from my house I got the shakes and started to feel light-headed. I hate when it comes on that quickly. Sometimes I get a headache, but tonight, definitely the shakes. I was planning to come home and eat something semi-healthy. But in my famished, I-need-food-right-now-or-else state, I panicked. I ate two handfuls of chocolate covered pretzels. And then I had a couple handfuls of chips. While I cooked tator tots and a hamburger. And by-passed the fruit. Normally I would eat an apple with my hamburger, but I didn't think yielding a knife with the shakes was a good idea. And it would have interfered with my stuffing of the face method of hunger control. Yikes! But I don't feel hungry anymore. And the shakes are gone. And I am no longer light-headed. :) But I probably gained 2 pounds in the process.

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