Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It sucks my time!

Last night Emily and I were talking (I know...surprise!). We were discussing a guy I dated in high school and I couldn't remember if he was in the same grade as me but older or my age but a year behind me. So, I pulled out my senior yearbook to find the answer. I was on the yearbook staff for 3 years in high school. So, unfortunately, when I pull out the yearbook, it can never be a quick thing. It turns into flipping and reminiscing. And, of course, it is normally late at night and for over an hour. I didn't get to bed until much later than I had planned last night :). One thing I learned (or was reminded of) is that yearbooks sold for $45-$60 my senior year depending on when you bought them. Can you believe that? This spring will be my 15 year reunion. So, I started thinking, I wonder how much a yearbook would cost this year?! Holy smokes! I bet kids have to take out a loan. But, considering I can still enjoy the memories 15 years later, maybe that loan would be worth it!

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