Friday, January 20, 2012

Women's Conference

We are in the midst of a two day women's conference at church. (And by "in the midst" I mean we were at the church for a couple of hours tonight and then we go back tomorrow. I am sitting on my couch at home as I type this). I love getting together with a bunch of women. It makes sense to dress up (even though if guys were there, I would not have thought this through as much (maybe that's why I'm still single!)). you like how I just used double parentheses! Reminds me of algebra. End tangent...I love getting to see lots of women worship God together. I love seeing the women's bathroom sign on the men's bathroom door (heehee). But, in true me fashion, I've been reminiscing some more. Sitting there tonight reminded me of another women's conference I attended at my church in Georgia about 14 years ago. It was the year after college. I took a year off before grad school and was attending a Beth Moore Bible study that the pastor's wife was leading. It was the first study I've done with all age groups and I LOVED it! My college roommate also did the study with me which made it even more special. Anyhoo, we had a women's conference that year and Holly went with me (she didn't actually attend my church but attended these two things with me). I can remember sitting in the sanctuary and two older women (of retirement age) were sitting in front of us. They also attended our Bible study. They were the best of friends and had been friends for a long time. Holly leaned over to me and said, "That's going to be us at that age." I remember a tear coming to my eye (because it's so hard to make me cry!) and still today it makes me think what a sweet moment that was. So, tonight at the women's conference as I was sitting with new friends, I was missing some old friends too.

(PS. Sorry about all of the parentheticals. I think I got a little carried away!)

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Erika said...

I saw you afterwards and headed to talk to you and someone stepped in front of me to talk...Sorry. There's tomorrow