Sunday, January 8, 2012


I am kind of finnicky about the type of leftovers I will eat. There are a lot of things that will just get thrown away if they are not eaten. But even with the things that I enjoy, I always hate the last of the leftovers. You really have no desire to eat them, but you feel a grave responsibility to be resourceful and responsible. That is what I'm doing now. Leftover tortellini. The worst part is that, as a single person, when you commit to leftovers, you commit to A LOT of leftovers. And this week did not go according to plan, so the leftovers were abandoned for a few days, making today's meal even more "special" because many more days of sitting in the fridge and it would no longer have been prudent to eat them. That being said, I feel better finishing it off and now for dinner tonight, I can move on to other things! :)

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Ann said...

It must be a Forsberg thing. There is no end to Chris' issues about "used" food. ;)