Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Refrigerator! and other miscellaneousness

No, we didn't actually get a new refrigerator, but we got a newly 2012 decorated refrigerator! Last year I cut up all of our pictures from Christmas cards and put them on the fridge for us to enjoy throughout the year. But it's like getting a new refrigerator! And for all those who know how I can be a little detail oriented, last year, the pictures started out by just going up with magnets. But that didn't last long because I couldn't stand it when the pictures were crooked. So now...lots of taped down pictures. Equal distance apart. If you're going to have chaos in your kitchen (which, let's face it, a bunch of pictures on a fridge will always look chaotic), you have to organize the chaos a little bit! Emily and I decided we have some good looking friends and family! :) And then I found this series of pictures on my camera. When I got home from Georgia, I was amazed by the sunset while driving home from the airport. I tried to take a good picture but never did the sunset justice because 1. my camera is not that fancy, and 2. I was driving so I kept missing the mark! The irony is that these are the only pictures on my camera from my trip to Georgia because I never got my camera out while actually in Georgia :).


Mom said...

The fridge looks great! But, haven't we talked about taking pictures while driving? :) Beautiful sunset though!

Danell said...

I think you misspelled refrigerator in your title:)