Monday, February 13, 2012

The good news

1. I'm not dying. (well, we have to start somewhere!)
2. Already having a really good eye doctor who could fit me in on short notice.
3. I may not have to work until Thursday. And not only do I not have to work, but I missed doing IPI file stuff that we have been doing for the last month, COA's visit to our building, an internal file review (although I'll have to do my files later), and a mandatory Medicaid meeting at team on Wednesday (although Faye wasn't sure if I was going to have to make that up or not).
4. I may get to finish the three Hunger Games books without losing a whole lot of sleep.
5. Daynah is here for 3 months.
6. The swelling has gone down.
7. I let the eye doctor twist my arm into buying glasses 3 years ago. (I can't even imagine the bigger mess this would have been if I hadn't had glasses to wear the last two days!)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming (meaning, me moaning and groaning). I'm not even looking for sympathy. This is more my "woe is me" rant, which I must say, has taken a lot longer to hit then I thought it would. Because if you know me, you know I like to go straight to "woe is me."

First off, did I mention that Dad, Amy, and Daynah came into town Saturday night. Sunday was really the only day I was going to see Dad and Amy (Daynah is here for three months) and I spent most of it focusing on my eye, 3 hours of it at Prompt Care and the pharmacy, and more of it kind of focused on my eye. Tonight I was supposed to meet them for dinner after work before they have to go to the airport for their 8:00 flight. Now, the doctor says I should be out in public as little as possible (and I'm pretty sure the two pharmacies I went to counted for my public quota for the day). So, I think the current plan is for them to bring dinner over here, but I'm not sure.

Next on the woe is me list would be that Daynah is supposed to stay with me this week. I talked to Amy and told her they might want to find another option for Daynah, but we'll see, she might still end up staying here. But I'm not very good company and I really hate the idea of exposing her to all of this.

Not to mention poor Emily, who has been here pre-Lysol wipes galore. I was bored a few minutes ago and lysolled EVERY doorknob, faucet, and light switch. Probably a little too late, but hopefully she won't get this.

I did make it into the eye doctor today. Viral conjunctivitis. Fancy words for a really gross eye infection. Plus I forgot the term she used to describe a bruise on my eye that is making some of my already beet red eye look even redder and hurt. She prescribed me an anti-inflammatory which is already working wonders. And she prescribed me a numbing medicine and a betadine solution that I have to swab my eye with. Unfortunately, they are not very common, so none of the pharmacies had them and I can't get them until tomorrow. Which prolongs my stay at home for at least one more day than I had anticipated. The doctor also told me some horror stories of when she had this same problem and she had a membrane grow from her eye to her eyelid that had to be surgically removed. But she's going to keep a really good eye on things so that doesn't happen, or so she says! :)

The so-so news. I am not a good sleeper. Which means I am operating off of about four hours of sleep from last night (I finally crashed at 3:15 and woke up at 7:00). My eye feels the best with a wet wash cloth on it, which means that I can't have my glasses on, which means that I can't watch TV or read my book. I have been reading some, because my eye doesn't feel good whether it is closed or open, so I'll read for a little while and then lay mindlessly for a little while. Maybe I could hire someone to come read to me for a while! :)

Oh, and last but not least, a sarcastic addition to my "good" news list. I can pretty much count on this spreading to my other eye, but not to the same degree as the left eye. Good, something to look forward to. Thank you Dr. Wilson!

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Mom said...

I think you deserve a woe is me moment! Feel better baby girl!