Monday, February 27, 2012

Seek and Find

What better way to pass the time then with a good seek and find puzzle. Here is a picture of the Walgreens medicine aisle my bathroom counter with an accumulation of all the medicinal things I am currently using. Here is what you should find:
1. 2 bottles of cough syrup (I was using up an old bottle before I started the new one)
2. 3 boxes of band-aids (one was the old box that I ran out of the size I needed, one is the box that I bought that was the wrong size, and one is the box that is the right size)
3. 1 bottle of multi-vitamins (that I started using 3 weeks ago when I first started getting sick, thinking I would try to be healthier!)
4. 1 washcloth (for wiping the goop out of my eyes)
5. 1 bottle of saline solution (for rinsing the goop out of my eyes)
6. 1 bottle of antibiotics (for the newest sore throat that wasn't strep)
7. 1 box of cold medicine that I tried to use before I went to the doctor for the umpteenth time)
8. 1 bottle of salicylic acid (in the midst of all the other doctors' visits, I also went to the doctor to try to remove a wart from the bottom of my foot. That is also what the bandaids are for)
9. 2 bottles of eye drops (left overs from the first round of pink eye that I have been using this time around too)
10. 1 tube of neosporin (also for use during the day on the wart) Also note the dropper thing by the bandaids. This is what they gave me to take my cough syrup with! Good thing I had an extra cup that usually comes with the cough syrup. That makes me gag just thinking about using it!

I promise to will try my best to make this my last post about being sick. This one actually just made me laugh when I walked into my bathroom yesterday. I even made Emily come in and look at it because I was a little appalled!

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