Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pity Party Take 2

Hot apple cider for my sore throat.
Cold compresses for my double eye infection.

Yes, you read that correctly. Double. Eye. Infection. About a week after getting over the last one. And approximately 8 hours after bragging to Emily that I did not pass on the nastiness to anyone else. But apparently my body likes to be sick. I started getting a cold again on Thursday. No biggie. I'm used to this. But if I am going to get pink eye ever couple of weeks, I quit. I'm not sure what I'm quitting or how I'm quitting, but I quit all the same!

I started using my left over medicine first thing this morning. So, so far I have been able to avoid extreme swelling and excessive eye leakage. But I still have to cancel all my plans for the weekend. And it's still uncomfortable. And I still insist on throwing myself a pity party.

Happy Saturday everyone! :)

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