Monday, February 13, 2012

Sympathy anyone?

I'll admit. This post is mostly to garner sympathy. Because that is the kind of person I am. :) Notice anything different between my two eyes? No? Me either. They feel the same. I can see the same out of both of them. Peachy. Yesterday I woke up with some discharge coming from my eye. No big deal. I've had a cold so I thought it was just another way for my body to get rid of the gunk. By this morning, this is what I look like. I went to Prompt Care and got an eye drop and antibiotic which hasn't done a whole lot the two times I've been able to use it. I'm posting this and then heading to the eye doctor. Hopefully she will be able to give me some relief. I just wish I knew how to do things half-way! No simple eye infection for me, just an eye the size of a golf ball and as red as an apple! So, feel free to leave your sympathetic comments here! :)


The Cooleys said...

Oh Teresa! That looks painful! Hopefully you are on the mend soon!

Peter & Kelli said...

Teresa, we're so sorry! We didn't know what had happened. We hope you start to feel (and look :) better soon!