Thursday, February 23, 2012

No need for a title

I don't have anything to say. And sometimes I just feel like blogging even though I don't have anything to say. Because I guess I don't feel like I used my word quotient for the day, or something. Or I just like hearing myself talk (not that I read this out loud or anything, because I don't. But I read it in my head while I am typing it). So here are some non-profound or even remotely interesting things that happened in my week:
1. Today I was driving and I looked down. I had driven 33.3 miles and was getting 33.3 mpg. It made me smile.
2. I might have set a record of the amount of things I attempted to do so that I wouldn't have to do my paperwork. Which included looking up the email with the apparel logo for the work shorts we can order, even though I am not ordering a shirt, but because my coworkers were discussing whether they wanted to order a shirt, and I was gracious enough to look up the logo for them. Aren't I nice.
3. I have been warm at night and have debated every night whether to open the window. Except I think I am getting sick again and I don't want to purposely contribute to that occurrence.
4. I yelled at a client this week. Okay, yell might be a strong word, but I definitely raised my voice at her. And felt a little ashamed afterward.
5. I'm pretty sure at this point I can say that I managed to keep my eye infection to myself. No known cases among the people I am around on a regular basis.

Okay, I'm even boring myself. So I will stop using my words. Plus, my roommate just walked in and I can use up the rest of my quotient on her.

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Erika said...

maybe I should blog more, cause I'm just realizing that I can go days without talking to a single thankful you have a roommate to talk to.