Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 years ago today

Four years ago today was obviously leap day :). But it was also a day that almost didn't exist to me! I was travelling to Thailand for a mission trip with church. We left for Thailand on the 28th and arrived in Thailand on March 1st. Leap day was a travel day for us, so while it still existed, it was kind of a surreal experience of a lot of stale air, a lot of movies (since I don't sleep on airplanes), airplane food, and a very dark day (on long flights they close all the windows so that people can sleep so it was as if it was night all day).

Today, I am very much experiencing leap day. I am sitting at Honda getting my car worked on, avoiding paperwork, will head out to see clients when my car is done, and then will head to AWANA tonight. Because of my three days missing work for my eye infection, I am very grateful for another day to bill hours for the month of February. It won't make up for the hours I missed, but it will help.

Happy Leap Day everyone! :)

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