Sunday, June 10, 2012

#5 and #7 in action (aka: let's focus a little more on Emily's birthday)

A little continuation of the birthday extravaganza.
Emily and I went to dinner tonight.  I drove, which isn't really important except to set the stage.  While we were eating I told her that I thought we should go to Dairy Queen.  Before she could respond I informed her that since I was driving, we were going to Dairy Queen, but she could choose whether she got something or not.  So, off to Dairy Queen we went.  We approached the door (more stage setting...), and I opened it, only to have it slip out of my hand and slam into the side of the building.  Now, either my three "sessions" with Bob and one "session" with Billy (aka The Biggest Loser DVD and the Tae-Bo DVD) are giving me AMAZING results or the door was just lightweight.  You can choose.  But as we were focused on my spectacular door-opening skills, I missed that there was a slight step up into Dairy Queen and tripped into the store!  At this point Emily was laughing really hard (thus the #5 of her birthday list).  I told her I did it just for her!  And we debated whether I was taking after her just a little too much (thus the #7 from her birthday list).

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Mom said...

You and Emily make a great pair!~ I thought you were going to eat in yesterday! :)