Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Emily!

I felt today was deserving of a post all for Emily! Since it is her birthday.  And she kicks off the birthday season in our apartment! :)  Emily and I have not taken a lot of pictures with each other over the years, so here is one from a couple of years ago:
This summer will mark 4 years that Emily and I have lived together.  God has truly blessed me with wonderful roommates and Emily is certainly no exception.  Here are just a few things I love about Emily (in no particular order of importance):
1.  She has a true servant's heart.  I like to serve, but Emily will put a lot of comfort and her own agenda aside in order to serve.  As an example, today she is serving the youth lunch before they head to summer camp, even though it is her birthday!
2.  She loves her youth girls.  I love to watch her interact and shepherd them.  And I love to see how excited they are to see her.
3.  She puts her all into the things she does.  I rarely find her at home doing nothing because she is always out with others or serving, or doing.  She is not lazy!
4.  She loves NCIS.  I know that some people think it is cheesy that Emily and I watch so much TV together.  But I would rather wait for her to get home from work or the pregnancy center to watch NCIS together than watch it by myself!
5.  She laughs at me.  Sometimes, I just need someone who will not take me seriously!
6.  She protects me from the bogeyman!  I feel safer when she is in the apartment! (I think we will both admit that this is a false sense of safety, but I'd rather face the bogeyman with her here than face him by myself!)
7.  She can laugh at herself.  I won't give any examples of this since it is her birthday, but those of you who know her will know what I'm talking about.
8.  She will always be a month older than me! :)  Like I mentioned above, she ushers in the birthday season in the apartment.  And that means I'll always be able to claim being almost a month younger than her!

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but they are the things that I think of first when I think of Emily.  I am so thankful to have her as a roommate and as a friend!

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Mom said...

You are very fortunate to have found such a great roommate! I am so happy you both get along so well!