Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Generational Correlation

I was having dinner with friends last night and we were talking about kids and cell phones.  And how early kids want cell phones and how early some kids get cell phones.  I was telling them the story about my 13 year old brother asking me when I got my first cell phone.  Ummm...college.  He didn't like that answer.  And then I tried to explain to him and his friend what a bag phone was (aka: car phone).  They didn't get it! :)  So, anyway, I was talking to my friends and we were talking about the old days.  You know, back in the day when no one had cell phones. One of my friends said that he begged his parents for a pager.  I forgot about pagers.  Then we were talking about how the equivalent to wanting a cell phone for our generation was wanting a phone in our rooms.  He was saying that his family had a wall phone with a cord that stretched all over the house. :)  Then I realized that I had a phone in my room earlier than a lot of my friends.  My head fell forward onto the table and I mumbled, "I probably would have been the 9 year old with a cell phone!"  Not really, at least I don't think my mom would have been that crazy! :)

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