Saturday, June 2, 2012

The forgetfulness monster strikes again!

I promise this is not all I'm going to be posting about forever, but it is just what is relevant to me right now!  I was at a new doctor's office on Thursday filling out intake paperwork and I got to the line that said, "Social Security Number."  And I started to write 25... and then I couldn't remember anymore!  No biggie, I thought.  I'll just get the card out of my wallet.  But then I remembered, after my roommate's purse was stolen, that I finally took the card out of my wallet (because I know you're not supposed to keep it on you) and it was currently tucked safely somewhere in my room.  Inconvenient for thieves but also inconvenient for this forgetfulness that has been plaguing me.  I tried not to panic and moved on to the next line.  I eventually remembered it.  But then I got to the line "emergency contact info" and put my mom's name.  I went to write her phone number (which I had memorized for emergency purposes) but couldn't remember the last 4 digits.  No biggie, I thought.  I have my cell phone with me.  Only I remembered it was in my work bag three floors down through a parking lot in the rain.  Don't worry, I eventually remembered that one too!
Fast forward to this morning, when I wake up from a pretty good night's sleep...thank you colder weather!  I was rehashing some of my dreams, when I realized that first, I had had another high school dream.  Really, I'm not sure when I will outgrow those dreams.  Anyway, I was having a really bad day in high school.  Forgot to put more paper in my folder, had a fight with my best friend, couldn't see these weird monitors to take notes from, and the notes were going to fast so I was only getting one word of paragraphs worth of information.  So, after that class, I decided to go to my locker to get a different notebook with paper in it and my math book.  I distinctly remember that I had not turned the dial on the locker so it should just open...just in case I couldn't remember my combination! (Even thinking in my dreams!)  But the problem was that I couldn't remember my locker number!  So I was randomly wandering the halls trying to open lockers.  And not only could I not remember which locker was mine (based on the number AND the location, apparently), I was trying to rehearse the combination and couldn't remember that either.  The bell rang and I continued my search.  I finally had to get the janitor (who apparently had records of everyone's lockers).  When he pointed to my locker, I thought in my head, "Hmmm...I wasn't expecting it to start with that number."  Which is exactly what I said when I opened the letter with my PIN number in it! :)

So, the moral of the story is...I'm not even safe in my dreams anymore! :)

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