Saturday, June 30, 2012

Row, Row Row Your Boat

Today I went on a canoe trip with my small group from church. There were 10 of us that travelled to Indiana to mosey down a river together. The water was very low, so sometimes, moseying really meant getting out of the canoe and walking to the next part of deeper water. It was a lot of fun. I didn't mention the trip to a lot of people beforehand because I knew all the teasing I would get. I'll agree that it's not my usual choice for a Saturday exursion. But I love my small group and I was up for the adventure from day one. Originally Alyssa and I were going to be partners. Until we realized that neither of us have been canoeing. Well, technically, I've been in a canoe before, but I just sat in the middle while two other people rowed the boat.  I had the great fortune of partnering with Diane.  I must say, I probably made her work too hard.  I just paddled however I wanted to and she did all the steering from the back.  But it worked.  And  I think she enjoyed the trip with me.  Here are a few pictures from the trip.  Unfortunately I was the only one with a camera, so there is no visual proof that I was on this trip with everyone else.  But I promise I was the photographer! 

Here we are stopping for a lunch break.  For some reason, it felt very Survivor-ish to me.  And I was reminded again that I would never make it on that show!

This picture (above) cracks me up because Nan did not realize I was taking it, even though it looks like he was posing.  He had just turned around from skipping rocks with the rest of the group.

Here is one of the most shallow places.  I think we all had to get out at one point in time to get our canoes going again.

None of us thought the river was ever deep enough to tip the canoe, but somehow Alyssa and Sarah managed the task just fine! :)
Sarah and Alyssa taking a break after we finished our trip.

The moral of the story: I would go again.  And I picked a great group to go merrily down the stream with.

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