Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm declaring it my birthday month

I know that I am officially two days early, but I'll just cut off two days at the end of the month.  K? :)
Why am I ringing in my birthday month a few days early?  Because then I can justify these two purchases at Walmart tonight:
I don't usually like the dyed flowers, but these seemed fun to me.
And I couldn't pass up ice cream oreos.  After 3 cookies, I'm still trying to decide if I like them.  They definitely taste exactly like sherbet, which is kind of weird.  But also good.  Thus the conundrum.

Plus, Emily's birthday present to me is happening tomorrow.  She is taking me to see Nunsense at a local dinner theater.  I have fond memories of Nunsense from high school and am hoping that this performance only enhances those memories.

And, it's a week from my birthday, so I felt like it needed to be mentioned.

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Mom said...

Happy upcoming birthday month! It should be a great one! You have lots going on in July! I can't wait for the beach trip. Only 2 weeks away! Love the flowers, they remind me of fireworks.