Friday, June 29, 2012

Today I'm thankful for:

1. Air conditioning.2. That I have enough money to live in a place where there is central air (and not a window air conditioning unit or no air at all) and that I have enough money to make the apartment as cold as I want (or my roommate will allow).
3.  That I am not a man who has to wear a suit to work.
4.  That I am not 7-9 months pregnant.  Or pregnant at all.
5. Water.
6.  That I don't live in a place that is this hot all year round.
7.  That it is only 4-6 more months until everyone else is complaining about the cold and counting down to summer while I am lavishing in the cool air, sleeping with my windows open, and jolly (yes, that's right...I said jolly).

Happy ridiculously hot day to everyone! :)  See how good I have been about not complaining about the heat (unless you read this all as a very backwards complaint, but I really am thankful for all these things today!).

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