Thursday, May 15, 2014

The letter in its full form, minus the technology of actually seeing the letter

Because I am the exact opposite of technically savvy, I can't figure out how to put a copy of my letter that I wrote to Aunt Teresa on here.  It makes me sad, because the true nature in the stream of consciousness is seeing the letter in real form.  But, I will do the next best thing.  I'll just retype it here for your reading pleasure (with spelling mistakes and everything).  Also, I clarified some spelling in brackets and sometimes added my own commentary in brackets:

Dear Teresa, Scott, and Jake
I miss you a lot.  When mom said what I wanted for Christmas I said my to frount teeth.  School is fun.  we maid pudding.  And it was good.  We have been working on pomes [poems] in English for a while.  I watch T.V. a lot.  We wacht 46 almost every day at night.  We are going to see An American Tail.  I got the book.  It is very good.  It is very funny.  I think the movie is going to be better then the story.  But I won't no until we see the movie.  But Chris doesn't want to go that much.  I'm glad Christmas is coming.  I can't wait to see you.  I her that Jake [my cousin--he is about 1 or 2 at the time of the letter] is funny.  And he is talking more to.  I hope I get a lot of toys.  I want a bike the most.  Because my bike is broke.  And it is getting to little for me.  When we go to McDonald's I get a happy meal.  I can tell time now too.  It takes me time though.  I like my homeroom teacher.  I can't wait til I come to see everybody.  I like it down here.  I have not written a letter for a long time.  And thats one reason I am doing it the other is becaus you want me to.  Mitsy [the dog] is so cute.  I like her a lot.  I like Fridays.  But I don't no why.  Theres proubly a reason.  I'll think about it.  I can't wait until I get into money in math.  We maid jello in school.  that was not good.  Mom makes a fire in t he fireplace almost every night.  She is geting forward to coming and seeing everybody.  She is so excited.  I like opening presents.  Does Jake miss us.  I think he does.  Can he read yet.  Does he still walk off the couch.  Doe he still say mine like he did.  He is funny.  Dad says hi.  Mom got a new radio in the car.  And she always turns it on.  But some times she forgets.  But I remind her.  And Chris gets mad.  I laugh.  Tell grandma that I am reading a lot.  I read thin books and fat books.  And I read a real fat book.  And I am done with it.  Ron [we lived at his house in the country at the time I wrote this] sold all the cows.  And I'm not use to it.  I don't hear them moo because thare [they're] not thare [there] anymore.  Mm said its real cold down there.  But its been warm here.  I get homework.  I wrote some Christmas cards.  the sun is brite and if you look at it, it seems like you go blind.  I herd you are having another baby.  I wonder what Jake is going to do.  The trees look pretty.  They are all diffrent colors.  I like my jean jacket.  I wear it to school everyday.  But I don't wear it when I walk home because I get to hot.  But my hands get cold.  And when I get home I can hardly move my hands.  I want a fur coat and a bike for Christmas [do you think a bike was really important and that I was thinking about Christmas a lot?!] but I want other things to.  Two kids in my class have fur coats.  Dad's funny some times.  I hardly see him.  My best friends name is Amy.  She is nice to me.  She plays with me a lot to.  And I like her.  Is Scott geting a lot of money [Scott was my aunt's husband.  Boy was I nosey!]  Does Jake play with his he-man dolls that we gave him.  Does grandma still watch him alot.  Does he say wheres Cindy  Does he still pole [pull] the cats tails.  I want a puppy real bad.  But mom said not until we get a house of are own.  I want one that will not get very big so I can walk it.  And hold it in my lap.  Chris like his birthday.  I gave him a card but he didn't care.  He just threw it down on the ground.  And I got mad.  I was about to hit him.  But I didn't.  Because his friend was with him.  Mom likes Mitsy a lot.  She gave her to toys.  And she likes them.  But someone has to throw them.  And she'll got get it and bring it back.  When we first come home she jumps all over us.  I say down.  She gets down but then she jumps back up. And sometimes I push her down.  She bites sometimes but it doesn't hurt.  When she plays she acts funny.  I want a my cild [I have no idea!] doll, bike, fur coat, barbie and the rocker dolls, barbies and other things to.  But I could go on forever [as if I haven't already done that for two pages!]  I read a book called A Horese For Mandy it is cute.  It has 89 pages.  But it didn't take long.  I read it fast.  I can't wait to see Jake. [and you too!  I meant to add that :)]
Love, Teresa Forsberg
Merry Christmas
I love you [each letter is in an individual heart]
And then I drew a whole page of heart balloons and a Christmas picture with a Christmas tree and presents, a fireplace with stockings, and a table with a letter to Santa on it.

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