Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chocolate milk sharing

I shared my chocolate milk with Michael this morning.  This makes my heart happy because Daynah and Josh never enjoyed chocolate milk when they were little. (When I'm at their house I share with one of the cats!).  Michael asked for some and then would come back and say "Moooree chocolate milk" with this I-will-get-you-to-eat-out-of-my-hand grin to ensure that he would actually get some.  I don't share my chocolate milk with just anybody (okay, the sharing with the cat means that's probably not true.  I'm not too picky with whom I share).  But I'd make an exception for Michael anyway.

Also, he brought me my cell phone yesterday and said, "Mickey?"  Meaning he wanted to watch Mickey on my phone.  I laughed really hard and then had to try to explain to him how you can't watch Mickey on my non-smart flip phone.  It reminded me of when I tried to explain to the boys I used to nanny that they couldn't look at the picture I had just taken with my 35mm camera because they were used to a digital camera.  Technology makes me so uncool.

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