Sunday, May 25, 2014

More texting conversations

Here are a few more texting conversations that amused me this week.  Apparently, I like to pretend like I'm going to visit people.

Me:  For some reason, I always miss you guys on 3 day weekends. :)
Dad:  Miss you too.  We're going to the cabin.  Wanna come? [I added punctuation.  The actual message said "Miss you to we're going to the cabin wanna come"]
Me: I'll be there in about 15 minutes!  Maybe 20.  Traffic might be bad today.
Dad: I hate traffic.

Me: Want to come over and watch Chuck?
Danell: Be there in ten with Dr. Pepper and pizza and cookie cake.
Me: K. I'll try to figure out how to get Netflix hooked to the TV so we don't have to huddle in front of the computer.  But that might take me 15 minutes so take your time.
Danell: K.  I will go get some muffin mix to make for breakfast.
Me: I like how in our dream world I can drink Dr. Pepper at night and not worry about it keeping me up at night. :)
Danell:  We are staying up late anyway, we will sleep in tomorrow since we have no responsibilities.
Me: That's true.  Because if you are coming over we may as well finish season 4 and watch all of season 5.  It only makes sense.
Danell: After that we can talk about boys and why they don't make sense.
Me: And call them stupid.  And when we finally wake up tomorrow we can go to Wing Stop for lunch and Barnes and Noble to browse through all the books.
Danell: If we go to B & N I'm getting coffee.
Me: I won't stop you.  I'll just go to Sonic after that and get a cherry limeade.
Danell: If we are going to Sonic so soon after Wing Stop I will get a stomach ache, we better have a light dinner.
Me: At Chipotle?  Actually, I'll take you to a Peoria local place.  Either Avantis or Monicals.  But in our dream world there are no calories or stomach aches.
Danell:  Chipotle sounds light enough for me.
Danell: [When I first read this text, I didn't realize we had changed the conversation, so I was kind of confused, which made it even funnier!] If someone gave me three minutes to clean my room I wouldn't be doing a naked dance in the middle of it...I'm just saying.
Me: That just means she is confident that she can get it done in less than 3 minutes.
Danell: She overestimates her naked abilities.

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