Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Countdown Coming to an End

So, I opened my cell phone this morning only for the countdown to Thailand to tell me that I leave in 2 DAYS! I am really excited, but cannot believe that it is finally here. I have been thinking about going on this trip since before I went to Guatemala last July. I actually was deciding between the two trips, but then God revealed to me that I could go on both trips.

Before the two days is up, I need to finish the following paperwork at work: two assessments, one treatment plan, two closings, correct mistakes on another assessment, finish all my regular case notes. That is on top of meeting with all of my clients in three days time. Plus I found out that I have an additional meeting to attend today. I was at work until 8:00 last night, I will be at work until 8:00 tonight, and I will be at work on Wednesday until all of my paperwork is complete. : ) I'm actually not too stressed. It will get done. It's just a lot to think about in the next two days.

On the bright side, I am officially packed. I think all I have to add into my suitcase are the last minute things Thursday morning! And I still have to decide what I am wearing on the plane. I will be leaving 30 degree weather and arriving in 90 degree weather. That poses clothing difficulties. Layering, I know, but what kind of layering.

And for those of you who really want to know, I am 90% sure I am getting a sore throat/cough. Perfect timing, don't you think? In case you don't remember, I just got over the flu two weeks ago : (. I am determined to pour a bunch of vitamins into me in the next two days. This cold will not get the best of me : )!

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