Sunday, February 24, 2008


For those of you who don't know, I secretly like country music a lot. And Brad Paisley is my favorite country singer. Well, he was in Peoria on Friday and Kevin got us are a few pictures of the event.

This is as close as my camera would zoom in.
This is how close we actually were. Not bad seats at all.
Brad had a shirt on that said "My baloney has a first name". I don't know why, but it amused me the whole night. I decided it's not fair for girl country singers. They have to get all dressed up and look pretty for concert night, but the guys just throw on a pair of jeans, their cowboy boots, and whatever t-shirt happens to be clean!
This was actually a new song that I don't know, but I loved the lighting and how the picture turned out.
So, here are the two biggest things that happened. There was a drunk guy (well, I'm assuming he was drunk) who got up on stage and started dancing. Security rushed out to get him down. Brad just said "shake that thing" and laughed. Unfortunately, my camera battery died before this happened, so I wasn't able to document it.

Second, during one of his songs, all of a sudden Brad said "Get a room." to some couple in the crowd close to him. Later, after he finished the song, he said basically the same thing to them again. Then he said, "Are you two married? To each other?" It was really funny!

The concert was really good. Chuck Wicks and Rodney Atkins opened for Brad. A very entertaining evening, especially considering all the drunk people we got to watch all evening!


Danell said...

Yay Brad Paisley!!!! Whoooo Hoooo!

stormhuse said...

Yes, the life of a female country singer is tough.

Glad you are feeling better.

It's officially Tuesday, so two days to go!