Thursday, November 27, 2008

27 pounds

We are all thankful today that no one was too sick to enjoy Thanksgiving!

My brother, who apparently loves turkey leftovers, requested two turkeys this year. Ann accommodated that by buying the biggest turkey she could find--a 27 pounder. No, that was not a typo. 27 pounds of turkey. Mom says probably 6 pounds of mashed potatoes. A double helping of green bean casserole. Carrot souffle. Stuffing. And for dessert... pumpkin pie, apple caramel cake, carrot cake (which is actually Chris' birthday cake), pumpkin bread, and kolachis (a cookie that we make most every holiday).

Did I mention that there were only five of us eating. Three of whom were recovering from the flu. After the end of the meal, most of the dishes barely looked touched! Have I also mentioned that I don't really like Thanksgiving leftovers. Did I mention that we found out the neighbors were having 20 people over for Thanksgiving and only had a 13 pound turkey.

27 pounds, I am not joking.


Erika said...

we had a 25 pound turkey for 12...And yes, I think we only ate like 6. No One recovering from the flu here, but we played football this morning, and I'm trying to recover from an injured knee last yr. and in the past 2 wks.

Hols said...

Wow! My 2 year old doesn't even weigh 27 pounds yet.... That turkey is bigger than my kid!

Danell said...

the ten of us only ate five cornish game hens! (my dad is allergic to turkey) you had more turkey than both twins combined!