Sunday, November 30, 2008

Picture Post of Toddler John

This post could also be titled "my trip in reverse." I always forget that Blogger posts pictures in a backward order and it takes too much work to think backwards to begin with, so it is what it is!
John loves to fingerpaint! The hand prints on his face are actually the result of my brother putting John's hands on his face, but John did manage to get quite a bit of paint on himself by the end of the experience. I love how he sticks his tongue out to paint!
Ann drops the paint on the paper and John gets to spread it however he wants to!
John and ZuZu were playing tug of war. I was bummed that I didn't video tape it because John was laughing hysterically during the whole thing. ZuZu is really good with John and let him have the rope several times. She was not pulling with all her strength either.
When I would play tug of war with her she was often stronger than me. It was quite the workout to hang on to the rope!
Chris got a pair of handcuffs for his birthday and John had fun playing with them.
Peek-a-boo was a favorite game.
This is where John goes when he has done something wrong! : )
Just kidding. ZuZu is wondering why John is in her bed.
Here is ZuZu. Isn't she so cute!!!
Toes taste yummy!
I don't know what he was doing here, but isn't he cute : )
Happy Birthday to John! He wasn't quite sure about the cake and actually never ate any. He was even less sure about the hat. It stayed on long enough to take this picture.

Practicing walking. And smiling for the camera. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Oh, and aren't the overalls adorable!

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