Saturday, November 8, 2008

Praying for a friend

Danell goes in to the hospital on Monday to have a c-section. I cannot believe it is time already, but I know that she is more than ready. I am praying that the doctors take good care of her and that everything goes smoothly and that the girls are healthy!

I had a few selfish moments this week (because obviously my best friend having twins is a time for me to think about myself!). I called Danell yesterday to tell her that I wanted to make sure to call before Monday because I knew that would be the last uninterrupted phone call I would have with her for a very long time. She understood, but I still felt selfish. I think she understands because no matter how many selfish things I do or say, she knows that those are fleeting thoughts and that I am deep down genuinely and amazingly excited for her and Ken.

And, yes, I stole this picture off of her Facebook. And, yes, that means that Jerelyn befriended her so that I could keep up with her through Facebook. : ) Jerelyn is a very good friend!

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