Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Elusive PIN Number

I have been waiting anxiously since Monday to get my PIN number in the mail.  Of course, I can send a letter and it amazingly gets to the place I send it (not in Peoria) two days later.  But this PIN number that is coming from a bank that I was standing in on Monday.  Took 5 days.  Not an incredibly long time, but still, come on already.  It's an important piece of information I need to get back into my brain. 
So the big question that I've had all week of still not being able to remember my PIN?  Will I remember it when I see it?  Or was it lost forever in this brain of mine?  The moment of reckoning came today when I got the mail.  Emily was as anxious as I was to see what would happen when I saw it (that might be a slight exaggeration, but she did put down what she was doing to be fully in the moment with me because she is a good roommate).  I opened the envelope, unfolded the paper, looked at the number.  And I'm just not sure.  Definitely not a number that had popped in my head at any point during the week.  But the more I say it to myself today, the more "normal" it feels.

I did laugh at the instructions in the letter:
1. Memorize your PIN.  Then, destroy this form. ( people who will only mail me my PIN number if I forget it in another 6 years...I might just be hanging onto this in a safe place instead of destroying it.
2.  Never write your PIN on your card or carry it with your card in your wallet or purse. (Okay, I get this one, but it still would be convenient to have it in my wallet somewhere, but I won't be doing this, even for convenience sake.)

And there were 4 more instructions, all really starting with a bold word.  I won't bore you with those.  Just your average, don't share it, report a stolen card immediately, shield the terminal keyboard.  Things we all know to do.  But this girl is definitely keeping this piece of paper somewhere (don't worry, I probably won't remember where it is if I need it, but for right now, it makes me feel good to know it is somewhere for reference.)

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