Monday, May 7, 2012

You are like the people you live with

At least Emily and I seem to be rubbing off on each other.  Unfortunately, it's only the bad qualities.  When I couldn't remember my pin number for my ATM card yesterday, the first thing I said when I walked in the door was, "Emily, I'm becoming you!" :)  Don't worry.  She laughed.  And asked, "Oh no, what did you do?"  Forgetfulness is just one of my roommates many admirable qualities! Gracefulness is another!  Yesterday, she needed a redo button too.  (FYI--Emily gave me permission to write this post.)  She began to clean and I heard a crash.  She had dropped a light bulb off a shelf and broke it.  Then later, she was mopping the kitchen floor and she bumped the mop bucket and soaked the whole kitchen (a very effective way to clean the kitchen floor).  Then even later, she was eating dinner while we were watching a movie, so as she carried it to her chair, the plate tipped and her food fell on the not so clean carpet (thanks to my procrastination--a trait all my own, didn't need to pick that one up from any roommate).
Today, I went to the bank to get this whole debit card thing figured out.  I decided to first try to get some money out of the ATM to see if I would remember it.  No such luck.  But they led me on a false sense of victory.  Put the card in.  Enter the number.  Go through your whole transaction.  And THEN get denied.  So, I went into the bank.  Long story short.  Still can't remember my pin.  They are mailing it to me. 

And then tonight I was doing laundry.  I put the first load into the dryer.  Watched a few minutes of Bones and on the second commercial break, put my second load in.  As I was putting the soap in, I realized that the motion did not seem familiar to me.  I am 99.999% sure that I did not put soap in my first load of laundry.  Don' worry, it is currently being rewashed as I type this.  I won't stink tomorrow.

Here is what Emily just said to me that really made me laugh: "Teresa, this is just not like you.  It really must be killing you.  But it makes me feel a little bit better."

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