Thursday, May 3, 2012

A mild panic attack and a false alarm

Last night just before I headed to bed, Emily read to me from Facebook that Chickfila was no longer coming to Peoria!  I had a mild panic attack.  And was very thankful that I ate it three times while I was in Georgia!  But I decided I could not think about it or research it right then.  I needed to go to bed.  But today at work, while I was in the mood to procrastinate, I headed to to see what the fuss was about.  This is what it said yesterday: "There is no word on the status of the proposed Chick-fil-a restaurant.  Our calls to the company's developers were not returned.  However, Chick-fil-a has removed Peoria the list of future restaurant openings on their website."

But today, this update was added as well: "A representative for Chick-fil-a said the company will break ground on the restaurant toward the end of this month. The restaurant is slated to be opened in late September to early October."

So, while it is not coming this spring as anticipated, the insinuation that it was not coming at all is a false alarm.  Now we can all sleep a lot easier!   

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