Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chris Tomlin concert

Saturday evening Kari, Alyssa, Emily, and several other Bethany people went to the Chris Tomlin concert.  We met several couples for dinner at Destihl's in Bloomington.  We had soft pretzels for an appetizer.  I had an open faced pot roast sandwich for the main course.  And Alyssa and I split (and shared with Emily and Kari) a build your own smores dessert, which was AMAZING!  And messy.  I don't often take pictures of food, but I wish you all could share in the amazingness that was this dessert.
Here we are at the concert.
Brandon Heath opened for Chris Tomlin.  I really enjoyed him.  Turns out we're the same age.
I love Christian concerts because they are often simpler stage sets than other concerts.  And they often have the words on the screens to sing along, because it is about worshiping God not worshiping the person on the stage.  I enjoyed taking screen shots of the lyrics because seeing the words separated just made me appreciate the lyrics a little bit more than I sometimes do.  I like Chris Tomlin, but I feel like his songs often get overplayed, which means I get used to the words and don't really focus on them anymore.

I'm so glad that Jesus Messiah rescued me from my sins!
Chris' (we're on a first name basis since I've seen him in person!) newest song "At the Cross (Love Ran Red)" is a really good one.  I love that at the cross of Jesus, my sin and shame have no power over me because Christ paid the price for my sins.
And His blood washed my sins, making me white as snow.
And then the giant beach balls came out.
Alyssa was SUPER EXCITED! :)
Modern technology, the cell phone light, has replaced lighters....there are probably many good things about this. :)  It was a great concert.  I'm glad I went.  I decided I actually like Chris' music live more than I like it on the radio.

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