Monday, July 28, 2014

Mission Peoria 2014/ Post One/ Service Projects

I've spent a great week with family watching as they served at Mission Peoria with kids they brought from Arizona. It's always a great week and I love that I get to share it with you. For those of you unfamiliar with Mission Peoria...Every year about 300 kids (mostly from Peoria area churches) come together for a week. In the mornings they do service projects at different churches and organizations around the city. In the afternoon they do MetroKids, a "VBS on steroids" in different areas on the south end of Peoria. And in the evenings, they meet together to worship and hear from speakers how they can grow in Christ. The week ends on Saturday with BackPack Peoria, where they give out around 3,000 backpacks to kids in Peoria. The kids love it and it is so great to see and hear how they grow in Christ and their understanding of service throughout the week.

One morning me, Dad, Amy, and Daynah drove to a couple of the sights to see the kids at work doing service projects.  One group was at the South Side Mission all week.  This particular morning, the group was sorting food.

Even Dad got in on the action, because most who know him know he doesn't know how to sit still!
Another group was at the Crittenton Center.  Gemini looks like she was hiding, but really she is pulling weeds in front of the center! :)  Other projects included working at various churches, working at the Dream Center getting ready for Backpack Peoria, and working at the Children's Home.  There were 10-12 sights and I don't even know what everyone did.

Just a next few posts are going to be picture-heavy from the rest of the week!

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