Saturday, July 5, 2014

Scripture Saturday

This summer I have been studying through psalms.  I'm writing them out and then breaking them down.  I write them out in ESV, but if I want to look up anything in the concordance that I have, then I have to consult the KJV.  Which is fun for me because then it gives me more words to puzzle through. :)  Psalm 15 starts "O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent?"  The KJV says, "who shall abide in your tabernacle?"  I love the word abide.  I looked up the Hebrew word in order to gain a better perspective on the definition, and I was surprised at the insight I gained.

abide: to turn aside from the road (for lodging or any other purpose), ie. sojourn (as a guest)...

The Bible talks often of abiding in Christ.  But this definition above gave me added insight.  I can go along on my merry little way, travelling the road I map out for myself.  Or I can turn aside from that road and find lodging with God in His tabernacle.  Isn't that so cool?!

The other definition that struck me today was in verse 2.  The ESV says "He who walks blamelessly and does what is right and speaks truth in his heart."  The KJV, instead of saying "does what is right" says "worketh righteousness."  The Hebrew word defines worketh as "to do or make (systematically and habitually), to practice."  So, if I am to do what is right, I am going to make righteousness a habit and do right in a systematic way.

Thank you, Lord, for your Word which shines a light into this dark world and tells me the way in which I should walk in order to honor and please you!

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