Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More July Birthdays

I have the unfortunate privilege of sharing my birthday month with my little sister!  Completely kidding about that scratch through.  I gladly share my birthday month with her.  And also with Max, who was at Mission Peoria last week.  My family has lived in Arizona for 4 years and Daynah has never celebrated a birthday there because Mission Peoria always falls the week of her birthday.  So we always take time out from Mission Peoria to celebrate her birthday.  And it was a special birthday for her...she's no longer a teenager!!! Which, in my personal opinion, is not possible.  But apparently my opinion doesn't count!
I think we have eaten at Monicals every year.  This year, Max came along, even though his birthday is the day after Daynah's.  Kyle and Josh also joined us.  I even got to open the last of  my birthday presents.  Amy made me photo puzzle blocks.  I'll have to showcase them in a future blog post because they are so cool!
Thursday was Max's 18th birthday, so we picked him up from his service project (where we saved him from rats in a basement of an old church!) and took him to Lou's for lunch.
Dad flirting with the teenager behind the counter ordering our food.
After lunch we picked up Rhane (Max's sister) and Caitlyn from their site and went to Theo's for ice cream.  I also finally gave Dad his birthday present last week (his birthday was in April!)--money to get ice cream most days at Theo's! :)
And a picture of the three July birthday peeps!

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