Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Laughter is good medicine!

Emily and I haven't seen each other very much in the last 5 days because I was out of town and then we've both been busy this week.  And part of being busy has been getting up early to go to work.  So tonight we were both tired, which makes for some interesting conversations.  Me recounting them here won't do them justice, but I want just a little reminder of how many times I almost cried from laughing so hard.  Also, the more tired we are, the less we can multi-task, which meant we had to repeat things quite a bit.

Conversation #1:  I don't really remember it, but I told a 5 minute story about how I bought Red Velvet Cake ice cream at the store and used the words "red velvet cake ice cream" at least 3 times in the story.  At the end I said something along the lines of "but we'll see if it is good..." as I took the first bite.  Emily looked up from her computer and said, "What kind of ice cream is it?"  To which I accused her of never listening to me.  She recounted quite a bit of my five minute story after that, but couldn't tell me what kind of ice cream I was trying! :)

Conversation #2 as I was cutting up a watermelon (which took a long time because I apparently couldn't cut and talk at the same time and kept losing my train of thought as I was telling Emily something.  Which caused quite a bit of laughter.  Which might not be the best thing when using a sharp knife!):
Me: Emily, I've tried to decide whether to tell you what I'm about to tell you.  Because it's more about my obsessive-compulsive nature and how I don't like change.  But I'm afraid you'll take it as criticism.
Emily: Okay.
Me: You know how a couple of weeks ago you told me I could share the watermelon you bought?
Emily: Yes.
Me:  I was really grateful, but when I got to work the first day and took the first bite, I really struggled because you cut your watermelon differently than I do.  It just felt weird in my mouth.
Emily: Well that's all your issue!
Me: I know!!! :)

Ten minutes later, Emily comes into the kitchen to get something and grabs a piece of my watermelon.
Emily: I think I like how you cut your watermelon better.
Me: Laugh Laugh laugh Laugh laugh.  wipe a tear.
Emily proceeds to watch how I cut my watermelon.
Emily: Huh.
Me: Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh!

While watching an episode of Chuck, I decided to multi-task and balance my checkbook, which involves laying a lot of receipts out.
Emily looks down and says: That's an interesting way of doing that.
Me: We don't even know each other at all!!!!

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