Thursday, July 31, 2014

Up on the Rooftop...

Amy really wanted a picture of the Acres kids in front of the "Jesus Is..." sign which is on the roof of the Dream Center.  So after BackPack Peoria was over on Saturday, up the rickety old elevator we went, up another flight of stairs, through a very ominous breaker room, onto a roof with hardly any ledge, with a bunch of teenagers.  Seth and Sarah went with us to take the pictures and give general instructions ("Don't touch that." "Stay away from the ledge." etc.).  It was pretty cool to view Peoria from a little higher up than usual.
Above is a picture of the highway and the hospitals.  Methodist on the left, OSF on the right.
Getting organized and generally staying away from the ledge...for now.  Dad was off to the side talking on the phone, "No, I'm up on the roof..." :)
What a great group of kids and two fearless leaders!
Getting a tad bit braver and yelling down to friends in the parking lot.
The girls, just soaking in the view.
If you look carefully, you can see the river in the background.
Another one of the group shots, not quite as zoomed in.
I stole the above picture from Facebook because I thought it was really cool! :)  If you look carefully, Dad signed all the kids' shirts on the dot,dot, dot.
Looking down.
Standing by the bus looking up.

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