Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I know, I know

I still haven't gotten to the paperwork, but I was checking some other blogs and I remembered what else I wanted to post about. Most days I really want to be a mom, but today was one of those days where I thought, maybe not (okay not really, but I was seriously ready to scream!). I had my just-turned-7-year-old client who loves to ask questions for a full 2 hours today. She LOVES to ask questions, and follow-up questions, and follow-up questions to the follow-up questions, until you finally have to say, "I don't know." To which she replied once, "You say I don't know a lot" as if I'm stupid. Here are just a sample of some of the conversations:

Client: "why are they working on the bridge?" (let me add in here that her older brother asked me the question yesterday and her younger brother asked me the question earlier this morning. I was seriously contemplating rolling down the window and asking one of the guys who were working!)
Me: "something must be broke or they might just be checking to make sure nothing is broke."
Her: "why would they do that?"
Me: "so that nothing bad happens while we're on the bridge."
Her: "why are you going so slow?"
Me: "Because the person in front of me is going slow and I don't want to hit the van."
Her: "why doesn't the van go faster?"
Me: "because there are a lot of cars in front of the van going slow and she doesn't want to hit them."
Her: "I don't see any other cars."
Me: "Trust me, there are other cars there."
Her: "why are the other cars going slow?"
Me: "because they're working on the bridge and we don't want to hit the workers."
Her: "well, I only see one worker. The bridge does have a lot of holes. why does the bridge have holes?"
Me: "because that's how they wanted to design the bridge."
Her: "why did they want to design it that way?"
Me: "I don't know why they wanted to design it that way."

And toward the end of the time at the office:
Her: "What's down this hallway?"
Me: "other people's offices."
Her: "why isn't your office down there?"
Me: "because it's upstairs"
Her: "why is it upstairs?"
Me (with the tiniest bit of exasperation): "because when they hired me they told me that was where my office was going to be and I didn't ask them if I could have a different one."

I did ask her at some point in time if she asked everyone this many questions, and she said no, sometimes she just asks me her questions! Don't I just feel special!

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