Saturday, April 4, 2009

While the Roommate is Away...

I will do NOTHING! This has been the first Saturday in 3 weeks that I have had nothing scheduled in the morning. I have learned that I function much better from week to week when I can catch up on some sleep and have a relaxing Saturday morning. My roommate left town on Thursday, as did a lot of my friends, so I had my family over for dinner on Friday night. We had a great meal (in my completely biased opinion)! Then they taught me a new card game--Hand and Foot. And then we played some euchre. This is the first time since moving in last July that my family has all been here (so, I'm a slacker, what can I say!). After they left, I watched Bedtime Stories--a cute movie, I'd recommend it.

Then this morning I slept (well, stayed in bed at least) until 9:00. I spent some time with the Lord, exercised, showered, read some, and then headed out the door. Yes, you read the word "exercised" in that list. We won't talk about how sore I am now and the fear of soreness for tomorrow morning! I left the house to go to Dad and Amy's and between here and there I got hungry, so I stopped at Sonic. Now, Sonic is one of my fave places to eat, but I am not very pleased with them. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a hamburger and ended up with a cheeseburger, which I sent back. Today, I ordered a hamburger, the guy asked specifically, and then confirmed. When the girl brought my meal, she read the ticket to me as "cheeseburger". I corrected her and she said, "I'm sure it's a hamburger." She walked off, I checked, it wasn't a hamburger! GRRRRRR.... So, I stopped a guy, asked him to get me a hamburger, waited, got the bag, made a rudimentary check and saw no cheese, so I proceeded to Dad and Amy's. When I got there, I opened the package only to discover they had tried to scrape the cheese off the pre-existing cheeseburger!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I gagged it down anyway because I was hungry. Have I mentioned that I really, really dislike cheeseburgers! But the Dr. Pepper and tator tots were wonderful!

Wow, that was a major digression! At Dad's house, I uploaded more pictures and used a Walgreen's coupon to print 56 pictures for $6.00. After that, I played on the Wii fit for awhile. Then I headed to pick up my pictures, went to Target to buy some new frames for the pictures, and headed home. Then I not-quite balanced my checkbook (there is a discrepancy that I just couldn't figure out so I am currently "taking a break"), put my pictures in frames and changed out a few other pictures, surfed the net for awhile, and am currently typing this. I am about to get some dinner and watch the other movie I rented (Eagle Eye). Oh, and procrastinate from doing paperwork for work. I think I have decided that I simply cannot do work on such a relaxing day. Who can blame me?


Mom said...

You are too funny. Love to hear what is going on in your life. I got up this a.m., cleaned. laundry and started to pack for my trip. Seeing how it is going to be cold and snow, I know I won't be wearing any of my "Georgia" clothes before I leave. I think you & I are the same. Packing is no fun. Have overpacked so need to take some clothes out of the suitcase. Because~~~Chris & Ann do have a washer and dryer!

Danell said...

I am way facinated by the concept of Teresa exercising.... hhmmmm.... nope I can't picture it no matter how hard I try. did it involve DP or a book in any capacity??? Love you:)