Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A perfect reason to post...

I am yet again procrastinating doing some paperwork! This week is Spring Break for most of my clients so I have been super-busy during the day. Plus, when I am at work, there is once-a-quarter computer work I have to get done that is due tomorrow, so I haven't been able to get day to day paperwork done. Okay, so you don't care about all of this. Frankly, I don't either, but it's the nature of my job to care, so after this post, I will be off to do at least some of the paperwork.

The real reason I decided to post is because I decided it was time to come clean in a very back-handed sort of way. I have begun a list of words that I have decided to delete from my vocabulary. Here they are, in no particular order:
1. Snow
2. Lunges (that looks really funny, but spell check says it is spelled right)
3. Squats
4. supercalifr....just kidding

All of that to say. I really want spring to come. I am really sore from five days in a row of a Pilate's tape. I decided to take today off, simply because I don't think I could even remotely force my body into thinking about lunging or squatting. My thighs don't like me very much right now :). They don't like when I sit or when I stand, when I go up or down stairs. They especially don't like when I forget that it hurts to do these things. At least, that's what I'm assuming they are saying, considering I haven't heard from them in awhile. All moaning and groaning aside, I have found that I actually like this Pilate's tape and hope to continue to do it on a regular basis. And as far as the actual exercise, maybe now I won't fall over dead the first time I try to run in ultimate Frisbee or Rollerblade around the park. And yes, Danell, I even did all of this without a Dr. Pepper or book to aid me! :)

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