Friday, June 19, 2009

All About the Twins

Here is Lucy in all her glory! Blue eyes, beautiful grin, and those edible arms and thighs!

Profile of Clare. She is much more serious and much harder to get to smile. But she is super cuddly and loves to be held.
Clare and I were playing with my camera. This is the picture she took of her mom! She is definitely a photographer in the making! :)

Playing with the camera cord. This game lasted a good half hour before she got bored! Which was fine until my arm started getting tired :)
Oooh...a button!
Daddy and Clare. So adorable.
A mommy of twins sometimes gets creative!
So close to crawling. She can get up on her hands and knees but can't quite move in the right direction (she likes to go backward).
Clare's favorite pose. Upside-down. This is actually how she crawls--she arches her back and crawls on her head and feet!
"Daddy, can I listen to the radio?"
Clare loves to examine her hands when she is drinking her bottle. Each time it is like she has never seen her hand before. So cute.
There is that contemplative face again!
I love how she reads books with her feet too! :)
I love my Mommy! Here is a smile and laugh!
And of course...feet pictures. These are Lucy's.
And Clare's toes!

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Mom said...

How absolutely adorable! What a fun time for you