Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oops :(

I forgot to finish my vacation posts. I was so glad to get all the pictures loaded that I forgot to outline the last half of my week at Danell's. The obvious: I got to play with the babies. The one thing I didn't have to do a lot of, which I wasn't expecting: change diapers. I managed to only change 1 while I was there. Sorry Danell and Ken! The girls go to bed around 6ish, so I was able to hang out with Danell and Ken in the evenings (and Ken was gracious and/or escaping and would give us some girl time, too). We stayed up a little too late each night, but I think Danell would say it was worth it. Every morning Danell, Clare, Lucy, and I would go for a walk around Aquilla. During the evenings we did what came natural to us: we played games. I learned a new game: Cleopatra. But other than that, we just played some tried and true games: Speed Scrabble, Nerts (practically the same as Dutch Blitz, with regular cards, and few extra rules), and Settlers. It was so much fun to play Speed Scrabble and Nerts. Danell and I are pretty evenly matched, so we have fun. It was also fun to reminisce about all the people who hated playing with us because we were "too good." Tuesday night we went to Hillsboro, which is about 20 minutes away and shopped at the outlet mall for an outfit for the girls to wear for their pictures. We also went out to eat. Then Wednesday afternoon, we went to get the girls' pictures taken. What an event that was! But we survived and so did Clare and Lucy. And the pictures turned out really cute! On a sadder/slightly gross note: it is pathetic that two women going to get pictures taken would have to announce that they are best friends so they wouldn't be asked if they want a picture with the two adults and the babies! Then Thursday we played with babies in the morning and left for the airport. The best part: arriving home to no power after the storms and hot weather that I thought I was leaving behind in Texas!

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