Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pink can still be a good color

Apparently pink slips aren't pink at all. That has been my focus as I received my pink slip this morning a day early. It was actually a little disappointing (the fact that it wasn't pink). It was white. Written just like any other memo I would receive in my box about a variety of things. You may think I'm in denial, focusing on the wrong things, etc. Just know that I have learned in the last two weeks that you have to laugh at things when you think they're funny. Even when you shouldn't and they aren't.

I actually had a dream about receiving my pink slip last night. Oddly enough, in my dream, it was like the pink part of a carbon copy (you know, where you receive the pink or yellow part and the white is what they keep). And in my dream they put it in my mailbox. At least the real thing was hand delivered to me.

I am still fairly optimistic that I could get my job back. We were actually told this afternoon that because of some lawsuits that have come up, counseling contracts will be reinstated. I won't believe that until I am told more than just by word of mouth. All of this to say, it's not over yet, and I have no more answers. Continue to pray. Continue to help me remain optimistic. I'll keep you posted on what comes next.

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Mom said...

I too am hoping this is just a bad dream. I hope a resolution comes soon and you keep your job. I am praying and thinking of you all day long. Keep you chin up~~all will work out for the best.