Thursday, June 4, 2009

Circus Pictures, Take 3

Success!! Be forewarned....25 pictures and captions follow this paragraph. Apparently, the power of digital cameras allows you to take a whopping 90 pictures. I narrowed it down to 25 of my favorites and/or things that you expect to see at a circus! Some of the pictures are pretty dark. The lighting wasn't the best, but I was so excited about our seats. Lower bowl kind of off center, which actually worked better than center tickets would have! Hooray for good seats! CLOWNS! This is the only good picture I could get of the clowns.
Guy on stilts.
Twisty things. All the rings had girls on them that moved up and down like a slithering snake. The two guys in the center on the fabric were really cool. They would twist the fabric and sometimes fall from top to bottom. CRAZY!
Stunt men on horses. I don't know if you can tell, but there are two guys sideways on this horse. I think they went all the way under, around, and over.
Motorcycles in a steel cage. 7 motorcycles to be exact. Can anyone (besides Kari) name the movie that discusses the creation of the steel cage?
The circus-goers minus me. With our $19.00 worth of snacks.
Enjoying the $12.00 cotton candy. I couldn't possibly go to the circus without getting cotton candy, even after I almost fell out of my seat when I heard the price. But it came with a high-quality plastic circus hat....
...that doubled as Josh's bowl for his popcorn. The boy's a genius I tell ya!
The clowns did a skit as penguins. It was sort of amusing :). At this point all the filler stuff between the big acts was getting long. And they were setting up for the tigers which kept distracting me!
TIGERS! They are so pretty! Although I was a little disappointed in the atual show part of the tigers. But cool nonetheless.
Tigers showing off.
Cool stunt people. I was amazed by this. There were also two guys doing pretzel-like tricks, but the lighting wouldn't allow me to get any good pictures. Sadness.
More cool bendy tricks.
Even more cool stunts.
This might have been one of my favoritist things, simply because I wasn't expecting it. This guy is HIGH up in the air (as high as anyone got) and he is walking across a monkey-bar type thing with his feet, not attached to anything! REALLY CRAZY!
Flying Trapeeze!

Double Flying Trapeeze!
And of course the elephants! Round and....
...round and....
....round they go!
Elephants laying down in a row.
Elephants sitting up in a row.
We were sitting close enough to get sprayed with confetti during the finale!
The yellow tire things were cool bouncy things that they did tricks on and turned upside down and bounced from one to the other. Very cool.
And that was our circus experience! Wish you could have been there!


Mom said...

Very cool and worth the wait! Have a nice time this weekend.

Hols said...

Who needs to go to the circus when you can just enjoy T's pics? Thanks for sharing!!!