Monday, June 29, 2009

T Minus 6 Days and Counting...

Today is my last Monday in my 20s.

Someone told me that once I'm in my 30s, it will be a good excuse to go to bed early because I'll be "old."

Today was terrific weather! I was able to go rollerblading since it was so cool. After a certain temperature, I don't do any physical activity outside! And I've heard tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler. Emily and I turned the air off and I am hoping to get the temperature down in my room so that I can sleep really well tonight.

No official news on the job front yet. However, one of my coworkers was talking to a DCFS caseworker and she is under the impression that DCFS is no longer going to cut counseling contracts which would mean I would still have a job. However, I am not expecting the state budget to pass by tomorrow, which will mean a pink slip on Wednesday with the possibility of rehire when the state finally gets their act together. While on a rampage this morning we were discussing why we allow this to happen. How can we elect and pay state officials to not do their jobs? Basically they took their summer vacation before getting the main part of their job done! Could you imagine going into work tomorrow and saying to your boss, "I know I have about 3 weeks worth of paperwork that I need to catch up on, and that proposal you asked for is due but I haven't finished it, and I never did get around to making those phone calls you asked me to make, but it's time for me to take my vacation, so I'll see you in a couple weeks!" NO, none of our bosses would allow that, but we have allowed the elected officials to do that for at least the past two years, and I think it has been more years than that! Sorry, off my soap box now. Sometimes it hits me at unexpected times :).

Still praying for a good solution to the budget crisis and that God will allow me to keep my job.


stormhuse said...

Glad you were able to rollerblade, cause once you're a member of our club you can't do that anymore.

Anonymous said...

So, the governor didn't get your email last week? Michele