Saturday, January 4, 2014

4th Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night

Our annual Christmas get together happened on December 17th this year.  A Tuesday after work (which made going to work the next day a little hard, because it felt like a Saturday evening).
Emily made dinner--soup and salad.  And I made hot chocolate brownies (it was a mix, so don't think I got creative!).
We had a hot chocolate bar.
And here is the group--Amanda, me, Naomi, Sarah, Becky, Emily, and Holly.
Another attempt at a picture.  Without the flash was blurry.  With the flash, too bright.  But you can see who was here, so that's all that matters!
Settling in.  One year I should take a picture of the living room set up that has to take place to have enough seating for all of us.  It's kind of humorous.
This year we watched Moonlight & Mistletoe.  It was a selection at the 3 1/2 Annual Cheesy Movie Night but sadly didn't get selected.  We gave it a second chance and it was the unanimous vote for this year.  It has Candice Cameron in it.  I would recommend it.  I had actually seen it before but wanted to see it again (this can't always be said for our selections!

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